About Our Movement

A new type of leadership

Far before the recent political atmosphere, and even before the political revolution was called for we noticed a lack in our democracy. A true absence of values, many politicians are for business, safety, education etc. BUT what does that mean? Do they dive deep into the issues, propose plans, and weigh the future deeply? This is what we do and hope to continue doing.

Do they show you what they value? Do you know where they stand? Do their actions speak louder than words? We think Patrick’s do. From student organizing to federal legislation he’s seen it all. Patrick understands governance and the strength it takes to lead with your heart set on convictions and values. Ours are resilience, opportunity, and progress.

My Fights


Like so many others this story is my own. It is part of the American Dream. DACA is a must and Safehaven Communities are crucial.


We must protect our neighborhood schools, our public schools, especially our early-childhood programs. Higher- Education should not be a commodity. Accessibility for both is everything.


A modern city must take the necessary steps to make sure we go beyond equal to equitable. Closing the gap, fighting disparities, and achieving together as one community.


Focusing in on the other half of Tempe the displaced and marginalized. Those in our streets and the so many who live with food and housing insecurities. It is up to us to uplift our neighbors.