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GPLET: Handouts for developers, Wrong for Tempe

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If there’s one thing that’s clear from rising property values, rental rates, and construction cranes, its that there is no shortage of demand to live, work, and build in Tempe. Arizona is leading in job growth and since the 2010 census, more than 21,000 new residents have chosen to make Tempe their home. There is no sign that this trend …

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$15 Minimum Wage, Paid-Time Off: Right for Tempe

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Arizona’s voters sent a clear message to our legislature last November that a minimum wage of $8.05 per hour was unlivable and unacceptable in our state. We are making a slow climb to a $12 per hour minimum wage, thanks to voters, but even with this improvement, wages are not keeping up with cost of living in Tempe. As of …

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Community driven economic justice is the foundation of Tempe’s resilience

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Too often, political commentators try and separate social issues from economic issues, as if taxes, property values, and wages do not impact an individual’s life and livelihood. For the thousands of Tempeans who call this city home, social and economic issues are one and the same: Access to affordable birth control has a drastic effect on a woman’s personal finances; …

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Economic justice is an opportunity for Tempe

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One of Tempe’s greatest strengths lies in the resilience of the diverse people that call Tempe home. While we come from different backgrounds, income levels, and unique communities, our striving together for economic justice is at the foundation of what makes our city a home for progress and opportunity unlike any other in Arizona. We enjoy an accessible city with …